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By juliellove99989008, Oct 17 2016 09:16PM

We were excited to discover that the ACLU, the ACLU of Alabama and the Center for Worklife Law, in conjunction with 19 other organizations* sought permission from the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to file an Amicus Curiae Brief supporting Stephanie Hicks. These organizations are dedicated to achieving equal rights for women in employment and supporting the rights of breastfeeding workers to be free from discrimination on the job. The case is currently on appeal by the City of Tuscaloosa who has also requested oral arguments.

*Organizations participating in the Amicus Curiae Brief are:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU);

ACLU of Alabama;

ACLU Women’s Rights Project;

The Center for Worklife Law;

9 to 5;

A Better Balance;

California Women’s Law Center;

Equal Rights Advocates;

Family Values @ Work;

Feminist Majority Foundation;

Gender Justice;

Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center;

Legal Momentum, the Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund;

Legal Voice;

National Association of Women Lawyers;

National Organization of Women;

National Partnership for Women and Families;

National Women’s Law Center;

Women Employed;

Women’s Law Center of MD;

Women’s Law Project; and

United States Breastfeeding Committee.

Many thanks to these organizations for their efforts on behalf of all women and for their assistance in this case.

By juliellove99989008, Mar 22 2016 05:56PM


Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

On February 19, 2016, Julie Love and Patricia Gill obtained a $374,000.00 verdict after a two week pregnancy discrimination/ retaliation case against the City of Tuscaloosa. The case was defended by Chris McIlwain of Tuscaloosa and City of Tuscaloosa attorney Jimbo Woodson. Post trial motions are pending.

By juliellove99989008, Dec 8 2015 04:39PM

Just a reminder that while the holiday season brings gifts it also attracts thieves. Take care of yourself and your property by being prepared. Here are a few tips:

1. NEVER haul the boxes from large purchases to your curb for trash pick-up. This is an invitation to criminals who troll through neighborhoods during the holidays selecting which houses to hit. That 40 inch HD flat screen television box could put you at the top of their Christmas list. Instead, haul those boxes away yourself, or if you are unable, wait until the morning of trash pick-up to take them to the curb;

2. As you open those presents take a moment to write down the important information from the big-ticket items. Following this post you will find a home inventory list that you can use to log not only your gifts but all of those other expensive items already in your home, room by room. If you suffer a theft, fire or other holiday tragedy you will have to prove to your insurance company what you owned. In such a situation having a list is priceless! Once you have finished scan and email the list to yourself or store it in some other safe (off premises) location like a safe deposit box at your local bank. After all, the list won’t do you any good if it burns up in your home or is stored on your now stolen laptop.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

Julie Love

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